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Kiln formed- Kiln formed glass is formed by heating glass to a temperature where it is hot enough to become a liquid, the glass then forms into a mould and is then cooled to slowly to room temperature where it returns to it’s solid state. A diverse range of standard or bespoke temperatures can be created. Kiln formed glass can be tailor made to clients requirements. A whole range of processes can then be added to the glass. I.e. drilled, polished, toughened, curved on plan, back painted, sandblasted, laminated to produce even more stunning effects.

Sandblasted- sandblasting is a matt translucent finish produced by spraying sand at a high velocity over the surface of the glass. The depth and degree of the translucency of the finish can vary with the force and grade of sand used and can produce stunning effects.

Acid etching- Acid etched glass has a distinctive, uniformly smooth and satin like appearance. Subtle effects can be produced by etching lines, semi tones and a number of textures.

Back painted glass- applied paint finishes to one surface of the glass in transparent, translucent or opaque finishes in standard or bespoke colours, to any glass type.

Laminated- Glass can be laminated for a whole variety of reasons; as well as for safety, security, acoustic and structural advantages there are a wealth of decorative possibilities. These include opaque, translucent or transparent colours, fabrics, papers, wood veneer interlayers.

Fused glass- is produced by heating up 2 or more different glasses to high enough temperatures to allow the glass to become liquids and to allow the glass to “fuse” together when cooled to room temperature and back to its solid state. These can produce incredible effects for commissioned artwork in glass or to produce extra thick glass.

UV bonding- glass to glass joints with no mechanical fixings.

Advantages of Creative Glass

Glass is an environmentally friendly product; the main ingredient in glass is silica sand which is a renewable source. In the manufacturing process hazardous chemicals or problem waste do not occur. Glass is an inert material so disposing of it does not harm the environment. It is a recyclable product which is often crushed up, resuming its original form as sand, and used in a variety of applications including tarmac to surface roads.

Malkin Lloyd’s range of decorative glass is reasonably economical in one off or volume production. The only real cost is the initial cost of the glass and fittings. Once installed, the glass requires very little maintenance and has a long life span as it is extremely durable.

Glass is a very practical material to use; it has a semi organic quality that is very useful in architecture and can be used to create most unusual effects.

With glass the possibilities are limitless; the specifier is generally governed only by their own imagination! There is a wide range of colours available; glass comes in 6 different body tints(clear, crystal clear, green, bronze, grey, blue) Add to this the range of back painted or coloured interlayer applications and it becomes clear that whatever colour or finish you desire can be achieved.


All our Coloured glass splashbacks can be produced or processed to meet the safety requirements of BS6262 and international safety standards. Most glasses can be combined with fire rated glasses and integrated into double glazing units.

Fixings and steelwork

Malkin Lloyd can supply a whole range of fixings for almost any applications including glass door fittings, shower fixings, balustrade clamps and tubes. We can provide steel framed systems in powder coated or stainless steel finishes.

Lloyd and team are fab! They created two bespoke shower screens for our en-suite wetroom and were professional, reliable and happy to work to a really tight deadline. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend.

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